Legend Design Solutions Ltd.


Who We Are:


Legend is comprised of a team of mechanical design and automation specialists. We work closely with our clients to provide innovative solutions in many industries.




To design to the highest standards, providing creative solutions from concept to completion.


Legend focuses on our client needs by implementing efficient, profitable, safety orientated solutions.

This is achieved by empowering out teams to explore ideas, by utilizing their diverse backgrounds in machine design, research and development, automation, and robotics.


The Legend Edge


  • Turn-key solution for your projects.

  • 3D modelling for concept and FAE analysis

  • Complete mechanical design and engineering

  • Program and integration of control systems from many vendors.

  • Custom embedded control solutions

  • Strategic partnership with Highwood Global Manufacturing who can complete the fabrication and production.

  • Being a "one stop shop" has provided our clients with reduced project timelines, reduced project management and reduced project complications.